What is CrowdKey?


CrowdKey is a white labeled crowdfunding site that allows platforms for online private placements to utilize a ready-made portal and begin displaying deals for investors. The platform is branded for your business and customized for your needs, while keeping your investor base private. Members of your site can review and invest in opportunities exclusive to your platform.

The vendor-hub features of CrowdKey allow your issuers to tap into banking, legal and fund administration resources to keep your issuers in compliance and actively structuring deals rather than immersed in clerical work. CrowdKey’s connection to Great Lakes Fund Solutions provides statement production, distribution processing, an investor call center, capital balance tracking, investment transfer processing and K-1 tax statement production.

Crowdfunding simplified


Deal makers are flooding the market to take advantage of the JOBS Act. Real estate and a variety of lending structures are setting the pace, with deal sizes growing and other asset classes sure to discover the advantages of online private placements. Help attract experienced investors by adopting the alternative investment industry’s best practices for independence and control. Demonstrate scalability to your investors by following the fund administration outsourcing practices established by the more mature hedge fund industry. CrowdKey, Great Lakes Fund Solutions, IssuerLaw and our other vendors can provide an experienced team to accelerate capital formation and establish scalability in your investment management business.

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